Our History

MARKET MAX America Realty is a success story that defies the odds, and shows what “ordinary people” can do …..when they are willing to sacrifice and work hard for their dreams. 

We began on a shoestring budget with a handful of sales associates in the summer of 1992.   Our challenges were huge ….. an economic recession, fierce competition, and difficulty recruiting sales help to a new office.

Most sane people would have closed their doors when the money ran low.   In fact, more estabished firms were folding all around us.    But we were not strangers to hard times, and we were determined to succeed.

Litlle by little, our hard work and long hours began to pay off.   When people realized that we were genuine and we really went out of our way to help them, word of mouth spread faster than we imagined.

Today, many firms “talk” about, “Outstanding Personal Service”.   But for us, “Personal Service” is more than just “Hype”.   MARKET MAX has always done business by the “Golden Rule” and we will continue to do our little part to raise industry standards.

Today, the MAX Group of companies go far beyond Real Estate services, to provide people with a trusted One-Stop-Shop for Mortgages, Property Management, Insurance,and more.   We provide world-class technologies and marketing solutions to thousands of people.   But we will never forget our roots and the reasons for our success.

No matter what our competition does, YOU will always have a place to go where you’ll be welcomed, treated with respect and the high level of personal service you deserve.   That’s our promise, and that’s why so many people call us their, “Realtor for Life”.

Wishing You the Best,

George Zivan

Founder & President